Got some Questions?

Please browse our frequently asked questions below, if you still can't find what you're looking for then please don't hesitate to .

Are there any up front costs?

Only for hirers. Upon brief we take a deposit of € 299 that will be applied as a credit to your first invoice once you make a hire. If you do not hire, your deposit will be refunded completely.

How does the free trial work?

We will agree an initial 48 hour trial period (sometimes longer). This gives you time to ensure that you are happy with our selection. If you are happy, just continue and pay for the time. If you are not happy, you won’t be billed and we will either refund you or replace and commence another 48 hour trial.

How does the Testing & Screening process work?

Each Flexatal Freelancer is interviewed to test both their communication and language skills as well as their general competencies and personality.

Upon passing this stage, our freelancers are technically tested, to ensure that they fit the top 10 percentile. Our testing process can be a specific skill based coding test, or a review of existing work / code base. Finally, for your reassurance we verify the freelancer with previous hirers.

Where are your experts located?

Globally! We believe that to build a truly world class team, you need to take geography out of the equation. Go where the best talent is!

What happens if my consultant is unavailable or takes time off?

We always try and manage time off request with reasonable notice. In the highly unlikely event that your consultant becomes unexpectedly unavailable, we will replace them. Note, you will only pay for time worked.

Can I hire a Flexatal consultant directly?

If all parties desire this, then absolutely – our conversion fee is detailed in your terms and conditions.

Do you have a rate card?

Consultants set their own prices and we charge a fixed amount on top of this. Prices vary in relation to location, skill and experience level. However, we will consult with you on your budget and then ensure that we find you an expert within this range.

How does the invoicing process work?

Freelancers complete our online timesheet and we invoice you accordingly on a monthly basis with 14 day payment terms.